Using an Eternity Ring as an Engagement Ring When You Propose: It’s in at the Moment

One of the biggest issues many men have is selecting the right engagement ring to place on their bride to be’s finger when they ask the all-important question.

While they may almost everything there is to know about her, it’s still tough to determine which engagement ring she would be happiest wearing on her finger day in and day out for the rest of her days. In order to work around this dilemma, many men are becoming slightly more creative with their jewellery buying tactics.

While tradition has determined that the man should buy the woman an engagement ring first, followed by a wedding ring to present at the ceremony, some are beginning to reverse the order of the steps.

Giving diamond eternity rings insteadĀ of wedding bands has grown tremendously in popularity over the years. Brides seem to prefer the added sparkle an eternity ring gives the engagement ring when they are worn together.

Since eternity rings are much simpler to pick out than engagement rings, these are gradually becoming the first item purchased.

The eternity band is presented at the time of the marriage proposal in place of the engagement ring.

Once your beloved has accepted your proposal, you have the opportunity to shop for her ‘engagement’ ring together. This allows her to have full input on the ring’s design, including the stone shape and setting.

The only requirement for the second ring being purchased would be that it would have to be compatible with the eternity ring. Since eternity rings are frequently used as wedding bands, more and more engagement rings are being designed specifically for use with an eternity ring, as opposed to a standard plain wedding band.

There are several benefits to changing the order around of the ring purchasing. Buying an eternity ring for proposal purposes gives you the chance to offer your potential fiance the accepted gift of diamond jewellery when you propose. It also guarantees that the ring she will eventually choose to pair with the ring in order to complete her bridal jewellery set will be the one that best suits her personal tastes.

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