Giving Eternity Rings For New Born Babies: A Growing Trend

A new born baby

Eternity rings have become the perfect symbol of unending love and devotion as represented by the never-ending circle of diamonds nested in their bands.

Because of this they have long been synonymous with anniversaries and are quite common gifts when celebrating anniversaries.

While once reserved for more significant anniversaries, such as those in the tens or twenties, eternity rings are not now uncommon as anniversary gifts as early as five or even one year after marriage.

They also have another significant event they have become quite synonymous with as well, however.  Because they are so symbolic of eternal love, the way that eternity rings can be used to symbolise the eternal bond between a mother and a child has made them extremely popular as gifts when commemorating the birth of a new baby.  Keep in mind, it is the mothers who wears the ring upon childbirth, not the new babies.

Eternity rings are perfect for symbolising the love between a mother and child just as much as they are the love of a man and wife.  Because of this, they are quite popular choices for a boyfriend or husband to give his wife or companion upon the birth of their child.  For couples who choose to have children via alternate means, such as adoption, they can also be given when the new child is welcomed into the family.

While traditional eternity rings consist completely of diamonds set into precious metal bands, there are alternative designs that couples may choose as well.

  • Full eternity rings, which are those that have stones set into the full circumference of the band, can be costly and some may find them uncomfortable to wear.
  • Half eternity rings, on the other hand, are slightly more budget-friendly eternity rings which have diamonds set only on the upper half of the band.

These modified rings may also be considered slightly more comfortable to wear on a daily basis by some people.  There are also other ways to customise eternity rings to make them more personal to the individual couple and family.

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