History of the Three Stone Diamond Ring

Numerous trends in jewelry have come and gone over the years.

Precious metal preferences have changed with time based on availability, price, and personal preference.

Gemstones fade in and out of the spotlight, with new creations being introduced to the market consistently. Hollywood can influence the jewelry styles of choice during any given era, celebrities can determine the ‘must have’ accessory of the season, and world market environments can effect the supply and demand of materials.

There is one influence, however, that consistently produces traditions in jewelry, most notably diamond rings, that continue to stand the test of time.

De Beers, the largest controller of the world diamond market, is well known for essentially inventing the tradition of the diamond engagement ring. In 2001 however, they took the world by storm again with the introduction of the three stone diamond ring.

What is a Three Stone Diamond Ring

While many jewelers in the past had combined multiple diamonds and other gemstones into a single ring, no one had ever done it like De Beers. The three stone diamond ring is as simple as its name implies, three diamond stones set into a single ring. The design itself was simple enough as well, consisting of a larger center diamond with two slightly smaller side stones. All three stones used the same mounting and were all cut in the same shape. The band of a three stone diamond ring could be white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or any other precious metal currently in use. In any other scenario, a three stone diamond ring introduced to the market would have most likely been trendy for a period of time only to be replaced in a few months, maybe even a year, with the latest hot item on the market. So, why then does the three stone diamond ring still remain one of the most popular diamond rings on the market almost 10 years after its introduction?

Marketing the Three Stone Diamond Ring

De Beers not only invented the concept and design of the three stone diamond ring, they invented the marketing magic behind it. As with most of the products they have introduced onto the market over the years, the three stone diamond ring had its own story and meaning that helped to drive the demand for the design to incredible heights. De Beers marketed the three stone diamond ring, also called a trilogy or trinity diamond ring, as their “Past, Present, and Future Ring.” In yet another stroke of marketing genius, they managed to turn a rather ordinary diamond ring design into the ultimate sentimental token of affection symbolizing the time a couple spends together through their lives. The first small stone presented a couple’s past, when they met, how they came together, the memories they have shared over the years. The center stone is a symbol of the couple’s present together. The plans they make in the present are represented by the third stone, or future stone, which symbolizes all the magic and romance their time together will bring in the years to come.

When is a Three Stone Diamond Ring Given

In order to make sure they were targeting as wide a consumer audience as possible, De Beers began marketing the three stone engagement ring as the ideal anniversary gift. What better time to celebrate the past, enjoy the present, and look to the future, than on a day commemorating the day the couple wed or first came together? The trend quickly caught on and the three stone diamond ring became one of the most popular diamond anniversary gifts given. In order to include unmarried couples in their marketing strategy, De beers also promoted the three stone diamond ring as an ideal engagement ring. Why give your bride to be a single diamond when you can give her three? Once again, thanks to wonders created by the De Beers marketing team, the three stone diamond ring also became one of the most highly desired engagement rings.

While nearly every jeweler or jewelry store now offers some variation of a three stone diamond ring, De Beers was the driving force behind the invention, as well as the popularity, of the original three stone diamond ring. The concept of a ring to symbolize past, present, and future has become a tradition that will likely remain strong for generations to come.

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