The May Birthstone – Emerald

The word Emerald derives from the Persian word, ‘green gem’. The meaning of the name reflects the beauty of an emerald which are popular for their vivid green colour. The most desired emeralds are pure or bluish green in colour, and the best are transparent.

The colour of an emerald makes it ideal to be the birthstone for May as it reflects the nature of spring.


Dating back to 330 BC emerald mines were first found in Egypt and became popular due to Cleopatra’s love of Emeralds. This can be seen through the inclusion of Emeralds in many of her Royal embellishments. Emeralds can even be traced back in Colombia as far as the pre-Spanish times of the The Incas who used them in their jewellery and religious ceremonies.

emeraldEmeralds are considered to be a very powerful stone. Allegedly they were one of the four precious stones that God gave to King Solomon. It is also believed that whomever wears an emerald will be protected against evil spells, and will be cured of diseases. It is also said that emeralds can help the wearer see the future.

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