Ring Engraving Ideas

Two rings with engraved messages

Whether it is for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, date night, or even a birthday for a friend, engraving a ring is a great way to show someone how much you care for them.

Ring engraving can be traced back as far as medieval Europe when romantic poetry was inscribed on wedding rings.

Choosing to engrave your ring is such a lovely idea and you should definitely consider it. Before engraving a ring you should think hard about what you would like to have written on it. You should also ensure that what you have chosen to inscribe is written correctly.

What should I engrave on my ring?

You can inscribe literally anything that you’d like on your ring. If you’re stuck for ideas here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Date: For example this can be the date you met, got engaged, were married or any other significant time you shared together.
  • Name: Many people choose to have the name of their partner engraved on their ring.  Others choose to have the name of a place that is special to them.
  • A declaration of love: For example this can be, ‘Yours Forever’, Love You Always’, and ‘I love you’.

Other Unique Ideas

Diamond Engraving- Instead of engraving the band of a ring, why not instead engrave the diamond. The engraving will be so small that it can only be seen with a microscope. This is extra romantic as only the two of you will know that it’s there. (It’s also great for recognising a ring if it gets stolen!)

Finger Mark Engraving- As long as you have a pdf file of your finger print, it can be engraved onto a band using laser engraving technology. This is a great idea because, like your fingerprints, the ring will be truly unique.

Do we offer an engraving service?

Yes we do. After choosing which of our beautiful rings you would like to purchase there is an option for engraving next to where you choose the size of the ring.

How many characters can it be?

We can write whatever you would like on the ring, provided that it is within 30 characters. The most common font for our engraving is a script/italic font, but there are others available to choose from too.

How much will it cost to engrave my ring.

We add an extra £20 onto the cost of the ring for engraving.

Can I return a ring that has already been engraved?

Yes you can, provided that it fits within the guidelines for our returns policy.

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