How to Plan a Wedding Abroad

Getting hitched abroad? Here is all you need to know for planning the perfect destination wedding.


Before you do anything make sure you do research into where you want to get married. Is your location easy for guests to get to? Is it sunny all year round, or does it have a monsoon season? Do you have to be a resident to get married in the country of your choice? These are all questions you should answer before settling on a location and sending out the invites.


When planning a destination wedding it is important to remember that not all countries have the same urgency as we do here in the UK. A lot of countries do things in their own time, so don’t worry if your suppliers don’t immediately reply to your emails or phone calls.

You should also think about timings in terms of invites. When asking your guests to come to a different country for your wedding you should do this well ahead of time, especially if they will need to pay for their own flights and accommodation.

Make use of the in-house wedding co-ordinators

If you are getting married in a hotel ensure you make use of the on-site wedding co-ordinators who can deal with all of the complicated logistics for you. This means that you will have more time to enjoy the wedding process and focus on the fun aspects of the wedding.

Have a Plan B

It is hard to predict the weather a year, or even months ahead of time, especially if you are not a meteorologist. If you are planning on getting married outdoors make sure that you have a wet weather option in place just in case the weather decides not to co-operate on your big day.

Leave plenty of time

Travelling can sometimes be unpredictable. Avoid the stress of delays by arriving at your wedding destination a few days ahead of the wedding. This will give you plenty of time to relax, get everything together and even work on your tan!

Factor in the exchange rate

Some people choose to get married abroad because you can ‘get more for your money’. However this is not always true. Always remember to factor in the exchange rate and convert your budget to see what it is in the local currency before you begin planning.

Things to do

If you are planning a wedding abroad it is likely that your guests will be staying for more than a day. If this is the case you should maximise the amount of time you spend with them and make sure that you plan other activities for your guests to enjoy.

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