25 Cool Facts About Prince Harry, Meghan Markle & The Royal Wedding

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It has been the gossip on everyone’s lips since they announced their engagement and nothing quite gets people excited like the spectacle of a royal wedding. Although it won’t be quite as huge as the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as Meghan is a celebrity in her own right and from the US you can be sure it will get a lot of coverage on both sides of the Atlantic.

We have put together 25 facts about Meghan, Harry and the big day:


  1. Her real name is Rachel. Rachel Meghan Markle.
  2. She used to work as a professional calligrapher (maybe she will be handwriting the invitations!)
  3. She has 2 dogs. Named Bogart and Guy and Ellen DeGeneres persuaded her to adopt one of them
  4. She used to be a blogger. She used to write for a blog called The Tig which covered food, travel, fashion and beauty.
  5. This will be her second marriage. She was previously married to film producer Trevor Engleson.
  6. She used to work on the US version of Deal or No Deal. She was a briefcase model.
  7. Apparently, she is related to William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill. According to Myheritage.com her and Churchill are sixth cousins five times removed and with Shakespeare she is a fifth cousin 13 times removed.
  8. The Corgis love her. According to Prince Harry, the Queens beloved Corgis have never been too keen on him but have taken to Meghan straight away and even lay on her feet.
  9. She’s a World Vision Global Ambassador. This is a children’s charity that helps kids living in poverty.
  10. She had a cool childhood nickname. Her mum used to call her ‘Flower’.

As a couple

  1. They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Fashion designer Misha Nonoo, who was married to an old school friend of the Prince.
  2. They didn’t know about each other before they met. Harry had never seen anything Meghan had been in and Meghan was not familiar with the different members of the Royal family.
  3. She interrupted his marriage proposal. Before the Prince got a chance to say his bit she asked, “Can I say yes now?”
  4. Meghan has met Harry’s gran already. Apparently they have met a “couple of times” already. We’re sure she made a good impression.
  5. Meghan will need to follow several rules to become a British citizen. Including proving her and Harry have a combined income of more than £18,600 per annum (could be tricky!), spending no more than 270 days outside of the UK per year for 3 years and passing tests for the English Language.
  6. Harry knew she was the one the first time he met her. He confirmed this in an interview they did with the BBC.
  7. Prince Harry gave Meghan an Engagement ring made by Cleave and Company with a large diamond from Botswana in the centre and two smaller diamonds that belonged to his late mother Diana Princess of Wales.

The wedding

  1. It will take place on 19 May 2018 in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. This is where the blessing for the marriage of his father and Camilla Parker Bowles took place.
  2. It will not be a public holiday. Unlike his brother Prince Williams wedding to Kate Middleton. Mean government!
  3. The Royal Family will pay for the wedding. It will be a big bill no doubt!
  4. Israeli designer Inbal Dror is being asked to design the dress. With a reported budget of a cool half a million pounds.
  5. Meghan will be baptised into the Church of England for the wedding. She was born a Roman Catholic but is not religious.
  6. Harry must get royal permission to marry under the Succession to the Crown Act. As he is 5th in line for the throne this is a legal requirement.
  7. They will live in Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace. After the marriage, though we’re sure they will be travelling the world together.
  8. The date of the wedding. It is the same day as the FA cup final and the day that Ann Boleyn, wife of King Henry the 8th was executed in 1536.

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