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One of the oldest and most recognised of all bridal traditions, wedding rings have long been exchanged along vows as a physical symbol of the love you will share with your spouse as you begin your new life together. Todays wedding rings have reached a new level of elegance and glamour and diamond set wedding rings are the perfect example of this evolution.

wedding rings

Find the perfect complement to your diamond engagement ring or go for a single piece of bridal jewellery without sacrificing the sparkle with one of theses stunning ladies diamond set wedding rings.

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wedding rings

If you appreciate diamonds just as much as the ladies do then you'll enjoy the bold styling and modern design of one of these stunning mens diamond set wedding rings.

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The tradition of wedding rings dates back to early Rome and ancient Egypt, with bands commonly being fashioned from organic materials, including reeds, vines, and wood, symbolising the unending love a couple shared with one another and the eternal bonds of marriage. Today, while wedding rings still strongly represent the idea of love and commitment, they are thankfully much more fashionable, with precious metals, such as gold, platinum and palladium, being the more common materials used.

In more recent years, the visual appeal of wedding rings has become even more important to couples as they seek new ways to make their bridal jewellery sets even more glamorous, making diamond set wedding rings one of the hottest trends on the market.

Diamond set wedding rings are the perfect way to give your bridal jewellery set the touch of elegance and style it deserves. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, diamond set bands have steadily gained in popularity for both men and women and offer a number of benefits, both practical and fashionable.

Some couples look to diamond set wedding rings as a way to take their bridal jewellery sets to the next level in style and sophistication. Mens diamond set bands give gentlemen the perfect alternative to the traditional plain band and come in an array of styles that are both masculine and modern in their design.

Ladies diamond set wedding rings offer the perfect complement to the classic diamond engagement ring. Creating the perfect complement to the sparkling engagement rings and enhancing the overall glisten and glamour of the bridal set. Diamond set bands are also a perfect alternative for ladies who prefer a single piece of bridal jewellery, giving them the dazzle of a diamond engagement ring combined with the traditional symbolism of a wedding band.

Diamond set wedding rings come in a wide range of styles. Single stone diamond wedding bands give just a hint of sparkle while still keeping the basic look of a plain band design. Eternity rings are especially popular, offering a streamlined look with a timeless appeal that many believe to be the ultimate in luxury. Three stone wedding rings are also a top choice, providing the perfect middle ground between the single stone band and the more elaborate eternity ring design.


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