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Choosing the perfect engagement ring

22 May 2019
Our engagement ring buying guide

Choosing an engagement ring is an important decision and a big financial commitment.

So, before popping that all-important question, you need to know what you are shopping for.

We've prepared our top tips for picking the perfect engagement ring and what to consider before making your final choice. If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch with us and speak to one of our friendly experts.

The shape of stone

Try to find out which shape of stone your partner would like, as this is one of the main decisions you have to make when choosing a ring. You can look through her jewellery box to see if she seems to prefer a certain shape in other rings she already wears. Ask her friends or family if they know what she’d like, girls do tend to discuss this sort of thing!

Choosing your diamond can be daunting

You should also think about your partners personality. Does she have a vintage style? If so, consider an emerald cut diamond. Do you think she would want something traditional and classic? Opt for a round brilliant cut, the most popular of all diamond shapes.

If you think something considered a bit more modern would be right for her, we recommend a princess cut (square).

The colour of the stone

The colour of the stone is also important. If you’re going for the traditional ‘white’ diamond ring, you will see we offer ‘Colour’ grades from ‘D’ (the highest) to ‘H’. All of these grades mean the stone will be white, which is what you want.

Anything lower than H is likely to have a slightly yellow tinge to it, which we don’t advise. If you think your partner might like a coloured gemstone i.e sapphire, ruby, emerald, choose a colour you are confident she likes.

Colour grades chart

Perhaps she has previously mentioned particularly liking Kate Middletons engagement ring which contains a blue sapphire, for example. If your partner hasn’t expressed any particular fondness for gemstones, we would recommend sticking to a traditional ‘white’ diamond, just to be on the safe side!

The Carat/Size of the stone

Carat is considered to be the size of a diamond, but is actually a measure of its weight. A stone is weighed in carats – one carat is divided by 100; so a stone weighing 75 points is 0.75 carats. As the weight increases, so too does the price.

Diamond carat table

If your partner has particularly small hands/fingers, a diamond will look bigger on her compared to on a larger hand, so you don’t necessarily need to opt for a large diamond in this case! If someone has larger hands, a smaller stone might look a little lost, so in this case we recommend prioritising carat i.e diamond size, over the colour and clarity of the stone.

The ring metal

When deciding which engagement ring is right for you, there are a variety of metals to choose between.

The most popular metals include yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum & palladium. Most girls do prefer a certain colour of metal, so make sure to look in her jewellery box to see what type of metal her other rings are before making any final decisions.

Picking the right metal for your ring is important.

If she wears various items of jewellery in a yellow metal, it would be safe to assume this is her preference, but if most of her jewellery is white/silver in colour, we suggest white gold or platinum (or palladium which is the cheaper alternative to platinum).

If your partner has no jewellery at all, we would recommend choosing a white metal over a yellow metal, as this is the more popular choice.

Choosing the right ring size

The most effective way to find out her ring size without her knowing is to raid her jewellery box and find a ring she wears or has worn at some point. Take the ring to a local jeweller who can size it up for you very easily and give you an accurate reading.

Bear in mind she might wear a ring on her middle finger, in which case we recommend approx. 2 sizes smaller for her engagement ring finger.

If you can get hold of a ring, but not long enough to take it to be measured, you need to measure the internal diameter of the ring (just the inside, from one side to the other). You should get a reading in millimetres, try to be as accurate as possible and use an online chart to convert this size to a UK ring size.

If you don’t mind her friend/s knowing, they might be able to help! They might have tried rings on with her before, or they could take her to a jewellery shop and try to get a sense of her ring size without her being suspicious.

We can also send you a free ring sizer, but this won’t be any good if the ring is meant to be a surprise as this requires her to actually use the sizer on her finger to get a ring size reading.

How can I make the ring more personal?

We offer an engraving service if you’d like to personalise your ring, this costs just £20 per ring for up to 30 characters. The engraving is always on the inside of the ring.

You might choose to put a special date (proposal date, anniversary date), your names, a short message or a little ‘saying’ you have between you.

We also offer a bespoke design service. We can create a completely bespoke ring for you or we can adapt a ring we already offer if you’d like to make some changes to it. Learn more about our bespoke design service.

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