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Presentation box and Packaging

17 Oct 2016
Our presentation boxes

Luxurious packaging and presentation

All display boxes are made to measure for the jewellery they house. Earring and pendant display boxes are fitted with special inserts to display them in the best possible way.

We also provide display boxes for pairs of wedding rings, with an insert that allows for both rings to sit comfortably within the box, very useful for your wedding day!

Please Note:
Due to a temporary stock issue with our Purely Diamonds branded boxes, some items will be presented in a non-branded presentation box.

Should you receive the non-branded box but prefer to have one of our boxes, we can send one on to you as soon as we receive new stock (we expect to be able to do this late August 2017).

You can still request one of the small turquoise engagement ring boxes, we have plenty of stock of these.

Have a closer look at our luxurious presentation boxes

Please note: If you have a preference for the smaller box (it's very good for engagement rings as it's nice and small!) please mention this in the Special Requirements box when placing an order or email us at If you receive a smaller non-branded box, but would have liked a Purely Diamonds box, please email us and we will happily post you one..

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