Ring Profiles and Weights

Our wedding rings come in a variety of profiles and weights.

You can choose between Flat, Flat-Court, Court and D-Shaped wedding bands in our range.

The ‘weight’ (heavy, medium or light) refers to the depth of the ring.  The heavier the ring the more metal is used and therefore the deeper the ring will be.  If you choose a light-weight ring, it will be ‘shallow’ on the finger.  We generally recommend medium-weight as the most popular option.

Flat Court Ring profile

Flat Court has a rounded inside (known as ‘comfort fit’), but with a flat top to give a contemporary look.  We recommend Flat-Court over Flat in most cases as it tends to be a more comfortable profile.

Available Weights

D Shape Ring profile

D-Shaped rings have a flat inside, but a rounded outside similar to the court shape.  (Non comfort-fit).

Available Weights

Court Ring profile

Court shape is also known as ‘comfort fit’ and is rounded on the inside and the outside of the ring.

Available Weights

Flat Ring profile

Flat profile rings have flat edges on all sides of the ring.  They sit close to the finger as they are not as deep as other profiles. (Non comfort-fit).

Available Weights