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One of the most widely recognised of all bridal traditions, wedding rings are not only designed to symbolize the unending love a couple shares with one another in marriage, they are also the focal point of the bridal jewellery set. We have a wide range of styles and designs available.

wedding rings

Give your bridal jewellery set a touch of simple elegance with one of these beautiful and stylish ladies plain band wedding rings.

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wedding rings

Finish off your bridal jewellery set with a touch of modern elegance with one of these beautiful mens plain band wedding rings.

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Wedding rings are one of the oldest of all bridal traditions, exchanged along with your wedding vows as a physical symbol of the love you will share with your spouse as you begin your new life together. In order to better understand the true beauty of the practise of exchanging wedding rings and their significance, it helps to understand the history behind the tradition itself.

Some of the earliest references to the practise of exchanging wedding rings dates back to both ancient Egypt and the early days of the Roman empire. In both these cultures, wedding rings were created from organic material, such as vines and reeds. Even though the rings would wear with time, they were a symbol of the new life the couple was entering into in their marriage union. Over time, more lasting bands were made from wood, intricately carved to give them a visual appeal as well as just a symbolic one. The circular nature of the rings was used to represent the unending love the couple shared as well as the eternal bond of marriage.

Other notable examples of wedding rings throughout history include gimmel rings which were popular in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. These were simple bands that interlocked with one another, similar to a puzzle ring. During their engagement, the couple would each wear one part of the gimmel ring and, upon marriage, the new bride would then wear the joined bands together as one.

Poesy rings, which were silver bands inscribed with poetry or verse, were traditional used as wedding rings during the Renaissance period. Some historians believe the Puritans of New England would give their brides to be thimbles in place of jewellery to symbolise their intent to marry. Once wed, the brides would then cut the tops of the thimbles off and wear the remaining portion as a ring.


Today, wedding rings are just as symbolic as ever and still strongly represent the idea of love and commitment. Thankfully the more common wedding rings are no longer made from reeds or wood, but beautiful precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and yellow, white, and rose gold. Purely Diamonds offers a full range of wedding rings in a vast selection of styles and designs to complete your bridal jewellery set.


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