White Gold diamond rings

When it comes to elegance and glamour, nothing beats the beauty of a white gold diamond ring. Combining the rich lustre of their striking silver finishes with the dazzle of diamonds, these fine jewellery creations strike the perfect balance between style and grace.

White Gold three stone diamond rings
diamond rings

Why settle for one diamond when you can have a trio of sparkling stones with one of our stunning three stone white gold diamond rings.

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White Gold dress & cocktail diamond rings
diamond rings

Give your fine jewellery collection a touch of elegance and glamour with one of our stunning dress and cocktail diamond rings in beautiful white gold.

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White Gold Cluster
diamond rings
diamond rings

Go for maximum sparkle and shine with one of our stunning diamond cocktail rings sets in elegant white gold.

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White Gold vintage
diamond rings
vintage rings

Show your love of timeless beauty and elegance with one of our stunning vintage inspired white gold diamond rings.

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White Gold single-stone diamond rings
single-stone rings

Simple yet sophisticated, our single stone diamond rings in white gold showcase the perfect balance of timeless beauty and classic design.

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When you look at the sheer beauty of white gold diamond rings combined with the advantages this stunning precious metal has to offer it’s clear to see why they are such a strong seller on both the fine jewellery and bridal jewellery markets.

The signature colour of white gold serves as the perfect backdrop to the dazzling diamonds set within it, enhancing the natural beauty of the gemstones and further adding to their brilliance and sparkle.


White gold diamond rings are available in a wide range of styles and designs which means it’s easier than ever to find the ring of your dreams.

White gold itself is created by enhancing yellow gold with a variety of metal alloys chosen for their ability to not only increase the strength and durability of the precious metal, but also help to give it its signature white colour.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful diamond set white gold wedding ring to give your bridal jewellery set that perfect finishing touch, a white gold cocktail ring to pair with that little black dress for a night on the town, or just an everyday diamond ring to give your fine jewellery collection a touch of sophistication, you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for in the Purely Diamonds collection.


While some of these alloys are added into the gold mixture itself, others are used to coat the precious metal in order to achieve the bright silver finish. The purity of the finished product is determined by the percentage of alloys added, with 18ct and 9ct white gold being the two of the most common varieties.

While 9ct white gold diamond rings have a lower gold content, they are known to be slightly more durable. 18ct white gold diamond rings, on the other hand, are slightly softer in nature while their higher purity makes them the more valuable of the two. The rings are often finished with a coating of rhodium or platinum, two naturally white metals, to give them their signature colour.


White gold diamond rings span the full range of styles, from classic to contemporary with the shape or cut of diamonds used in the rings often contributing greatly to their overall look and feel. Some of the more classic choices for white gold diamond rings include the popular Round Cut, Oval Cut and Marquise Cut, all of which convey a timeless elegance and grace.


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