White Gold or Platinum?

Trying to choose between White Gold and Platinum?

One of the questions that we are often asked is, what is the difference between White Gold and Platinum?

We’ve put together a list of key points of information to help you decide on what type of metal you feel would be best suited you.

If you’re still struggling to make a decision, please get in contact with us and one of our friendly experts will be able to give you helpful advice and guidance.

What are the differences between White Gold and Platinum?

  • Platinum is a naturally white metal, whereas white gold is naturally a light grey / yellowish colour and has to be plated in another metal called rhodium to make it whiter.
  • Platinum is approximately 40% heavier than gold.
  • Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold, so its price is invariably that much higher.
  • Platinum is generally 95% pure platinum compared with gold which is 75% pure gold.
  • Platinum is harder wearing than gold due to its density and weight. It does scratch like all other precious metals, but a scratch is merely a displacement of metal and none of its volume is lost.
  • If white gold has been rhodium plated, the colour difference between white gold and platinum is not noticeable. Platinum does look very, very slightly darker due to the rhodium plating applied to the white gold which makes the ring a little bit brighter, but you would only notice this if you compared the rings side by side.  The rhodium plating on white gold full diamond eternity rings will wear off over time leaving the metal looking slightly yellow in colour.

Will my ring scratch?

Like anything that is worn everyday, over time both platinum and gold rings will show signs of daily wear and tear. Whilst platinum is a more durable ring, it will scratch more easily than gold as the surface is softer. However, when scratched, the metal in a platinum ring is only moved from one place to another. The overall look is usually referred to as a patina effect.

White Gold can be re-plated

The good news is we offer re-plating of white gold when its rhodium plating begins to wear off. This costs £35 and will restore the white look of the metal.

Platinum can be re-polished

If the patina effect is not to your liking, we can re-polish your platinum ring and this will restore the shiny finish of the metal. Our re-polishing service costs £35 and takes 5-7 days.